Sulphur Spring Tour

Sulphur Spring Tour

Get your day started with a visit to the famous St. Patrick Sulphur spring and experience a new level of relaxation.  A private transfer from your hotel straight to the edge of the springs, where you will be greeted by the bubbling warm and mineral rich water.  Enjoy the soothing application of the mud on your skin then immerse yourself in the calming, bubbling spring.

Your time at the spring will give you plenty of opportunity to learn why Grenadians have kept this natural wonder a hidden gem and made this a place for healing and rejuvenation.  Feel the effects of the mud bath as you experience softer, smoother skin almost immediately.  Rinse off with refreshing crystal water from an onsite water hole poured from head to toe.

Package includes:

  • Cold towel on pickup
  • Well-stocked mini-bar with a selection of liquor, water and soft drinks. If desired, you can specify beverages and snacks in advance.
  • Bath towel for use after bath
  • Authentic Grenadian lunch
  • Bag of dry Sulphur powder (direct from Sulphur Spring)

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